How To Repair Windows XP Installation

There are times when computer users experience problems with Windows or the system. Sometimes serious problems arise that cause the computer can not boot or system files damaged by viruses windows. If this happens there are usually two choices: Install or Repair Re-installation of Windows.

This time will be discussed how to repair (repair) installation of Windows Xp.
Repair technique has advantages such as the data in the system is still intact (the programs installed on your computer still remains). And it will also shorten the time, because if you reinstall the existing programs, including the driver must reinstall again. If the program is very much, it will spend a long time.

But even so, reinstall Windows Install will usually be "fresh" for our computer, especially if the previous drive in the format used, so that windows really like the new baby ..
Mistakes that often occur when you want to repair Windows XP installation is as appeared option / menu first installation, we chose Repair Using Recovery Console, so the show is an application / Command Prompt window. Indeed this feature can be used to fix some errors, but what we want is to improve the overall system files instead of Windows XP command prompt.

The steps to repair Windows XP Installation :
1. Previously running the steps below, make sure the computer BIOS is set to first boot sequence is CDROM and record the Serial Number of Windows XP.
2. Insert the CD Intallasi Windows XP, then restart (reboot) the computer.
3. When the words "Press any key to boot from CD", press any key on the keyboard.
4. Windows Setup will continue to load the files needed from the CD.

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